RB Series


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Extruded aluminium housing provides superior heat conduction. Housing deep finned for maximum heat dissipation at natural or forced air convection.
Gold anodized finish for maximum resistance to environmental conditions. Special thermosetting compound with high thermal conductivity.
Winding designed to give maximum core coverage and uniformity for even heat dissipation.
Core centerless ground for maximum winding uniformity. Marking at top surface for easy identification after mounting. Complete welded construction terminal to terminal.

Electrical Specifications 

- Ohmic values

Serie E24. For out of range or not standard ohmic values, consult ATE Technical Dept.

- Tolerance

Standard 5%. Available on request up to 1%.

- Temperature coefficient

±30 ppm R > 20 Ohm

±50 ppm 1 Ohm < R < 20 Ohm

±100 ppm 0.1 Ohm < R < 1 Ohm

- Dielectric strength

1500 Vac per il tipo RB10

2500 Vac per i tipi RB25 e RB50

3500 Vac per i tipi RB75, RB101, e RB150

4500 Vac per i tipi RB100 E RB250

- Insulation resistance

10000 MOhm minimum

1000 MOhm after moisture test

- Overload

5s at 5 times rated power

-Non inductive

Models of equivalent physical and electrical specifications are also available with non inductive Ayrton-Perry winding


Mecanical Specifications

-Terminal strength

10 lb. pull test; 3 Nm x RB100 and 4 Nm x RB250 max torque

- Solderability

Satisfactory when tested in accordance with method 208 of MIL-STD-202.
The use of high temperature solder is recommended when resistors work near the maximum specified ratings


- Core

Ceramic steatite or alumina centerless ground

- Resistive Element

Copper-nickel alloy or nickel-chrome alloy with specific temperature coefficient

- End caps

Stainless steel

- Encapsulant

High temperature thermosetting compound


Aluminium with hard anodic finish

- Standard terminals

Copperweld RB10 to RB150
Stainless steel for RB100 and RB250


ATE RB resistors have and operative temperature range from -55°C to +250°C
Derating is required for reduced chassis area and for high ambient temperature